Rajendra Bhakta

Rajendra Bhakta, partner of the Triumph Investment Group, LLC, has been a real estate developer for nearly 26 years.  Before joining Triumph Investment Group, his venture commenced as he moved from India in 1980.  Coming to America with goals and ambition, Mr. Bhakta remarkably managed to build assets worth millions through hard work and dedication.   Despite a difficult beginning, Mr. Bhakta has managed to build and retain either partial or full ownership of approximately 20 hotel properties with the help of a few family friends.

Mr. Bhakta’s interest as a developer in the hotel industry began as he actively worked at a local property in Meridian, Mississippi.  Here he learned about the aspect of the hotel development.   He then found interest in managing a few properties in California.  Although, management was an important career decisions for Mr. Bhakta, he seeked for interest in real estate development and construction as an opportunity arrived in Mississippi.

In 1985, Mr. Bhakta built a 52-unit Comfort Inn property in Meridian, Mississippi.  In 1986, as construction for the Comfort Inn ceased, he commenced another construction project a 50-unit Comfort Inn property in Mississippi.

In 1986, he found interest in Winchester, Tennessee for a 32-unit Best Western property.  In 1987, Royal Inn, a 52-unit property, in Oxford, Alabama was built.  In 1988, 25 rooms were added to the Best Western property in Winchester, Tennessee.  It is here in Winchester where he found more interest and built his first home in 1989.

Mr. Bhakta started construction for Red Roof Inn, a 62-unit property, in Clarksville, Tennessee in 1990.  In 1991, he constructed a 62-unit Comfort Inn property in Villa Rica, Georgia.  Then, in 1992, Mr. Bhakta built 2 properties.  He started construction on a 40-unit Days Inn property in Dumas, Arkansas and a 42-unit Days Inn property in Monticello, Arkansas.

In 1994, the construction of a 52-unit Super 8 in Clarksville, Tennessee began.  In 1995, Mr. Bhakta made a 20-room addition in Monticello, Arkansas to the Days Inn property.  Mr. Bhakta constructed a 62-unit Comfort Inn and Suites property at Oxford, Alabama.  In 1998, Mr. Bhakta partnered up with Mr. Nick Patel for the Days Inn construction in Denham Springs, Louisiana.

Days Inn and Suites, a 52-unit property, in PineBluff, Arkansas was constructed in 1999.  Mr. Bhakta built a second home in Winchester, Tennessee in 2000.  In 2003, Mr. Bhakta built a 66-unit Comfort Suites property in Batesville, Arkansas.  Mr. Bhakta also invested with the existing Shoney’s Inn property purchase in 2003.  In 2004, a 62-unit Best Western property in PineBluff, Arkansas was constructed.  Mr. Bhakta also purchased real estate in Walker and Covington, Louisiana for future development with Mr. Nick and Neil Patel.

In 2006, Hampton Inn construction commenced in Denham Springs, Louisiana with Mr. Nick and Neil Patel.  The construction finished November 15, 2007.  Shortly after, Bhakta injected 3 developments in the pipeline.  One Staybridge Suites in Covington, LA anticipated beginning construction in April 2008; Candlewood Suites in Mobile, AL anticipated to begin construction November 2008; Hampton Inn in Monticello, AR began construction in August 2010.  In the same year, La Quinta Inn was construction in Conway, AR.

In 2012, Mr. Rajendra Bhakta purchased several existing properties.  The Nashville Crossing Hotel, Hampton Inn and Sleep Inn were purchased in 2012.  These properties are located in Nashville, Tennessee.

All properties that Mr. Bhakta built throughout his real estate development career, he owns and operates through appointment managers.  He continues to be aggressive in real estate development in the southeastern market.  Mr. Bhakta hopes to be an involved partner with Triumph Investment Group, LLC and anticipates expanding the real estate investment company.