Sales Manager

Description : 
Responsible for revenue production for the hotel, and meeting or exceeding planned revenue objectives for occupancy and average daily rate (ADR). Manages all areas of sales according to Brand standards to achieve a professional rapport within the local business community. The Sales Manager is a “handson” manager, actively involved on a daily basis in securing, qualifying and following up on leads to book specific business. The Sales Manager’s central focus is in sales. The Sales Manager should not be required to assume operational responsibilities, but should spend most of his/her times selling the “product” – the hotel. 

Job Functions :
Meets or exceeds budgeted REVPAR for the hotel.
• Prepares departmental budget that correctly reflects the hotel’s
business plan.
• Forecasts occupancy fluctuations and directs selling activities to
maximize revenues.
• Knows the hotel’s demand segments, sources of business for each, and
balances market segments according to supply and demand.
• Knows the principal competition for each market segment and takes
advantage of hotel’s strengths against each competitor.
• Accurately forecasts occupancy changes based on changing market
conditions (additions to supply and demand, etc.).
• Personally demonstrates a commitment to guest service by responding
to guests’ needs in an effective and timely manner.
• Keeps open and consistent dialogue with current and developing contracts.
Follow up and tracking of all communications .
• Knowledge of property and amenities and can effectively communicate with all
levels of guests.
• Develops/assists with development of the hotel’s marketing and sales plan based
on the hotel’s position and strengths within each market segment.
• ▪Implements hotel’s marketing and sales plan.
• Analyzes and understands the competition’s strengths and weaknesses
for each market segment and successfully directs marketing activities
against each.
• Identifies and maintains constant communications with the hotel’s key
• Actively sells room nights through outside sales calls, telemarketing,
tours, trade shows, etc.
• Actively sells to inhouse
guests (greeting tours, talking with guests at continental
breakfast to surface additional leads, etc.).
• Knows the competition well. In addition, is familiar with all “business”
in the market, where that “business” stays and why.
• Uses the resources available in the Brand manual to surface, call on,
and track potential business.
Additional Responsibilities:
• Present for all large checkins
that are group based. Personally greets contract
contact or group representative.
• Prepares gift baskets for all return guests to help promote customer appreciation.
• Ensures hotel staff has complete knowledge of demands of contract and any
special requests.
• Completes and tracks all sales calls on a weekly basis
• Any other duties assigned by Supervisor.
I have read and understand my job description as stated above.